Scoliosis Management

The End Goal of Scoliosis

treatment is to stabilize the curve, balance the spine and prevent deterioration. Scoliosis bracing is a treatment to correct the deformities and promote good muscle strength.

Why Orthopaedia?

WE KNOW IT’S tough

No pain, no gain. Bracing is tough and may even be a painful journey. We will be there with you as you take little steps and celebrate the success together.

we prescribe

Customized bracing is prescribed upon full evaluation of your spine condition. There is only one phase of life which we will be able to treat and correct the spinal curve effectively with bracing. Timely intervention is critical. For Asian children, this golden period is usually between ages 10 and 14, solely dependent on an individual’s puberty.


You won’t be confused with wide range of braces available because we prescribe only the best and clinically proven brace. Having worked with many scoliosis bracing options globally, we identified the Original RSC® Brace as the most effective bracing treatment for our patients. We have also conducted a joint trial research with local children hospital and have established a strict clinical protocol to support our patients’ scoliosis bracing treatment journey.

The neja Scolio RSC® Brace

The neja Scolio RSC® Brace is produced using a patented process from neja.

The RSC® brace is recognized as one of the most advanced systems worldwide produced with a patented process by neja. The treatment with the scoliosis corset encompasses a holistic system, based on the Chêneau principles.

The RSC® brace was developed by Dr. Manuel Rigo of Barcelona, who made improvements to the Chêneau brace that French doctor Jacques Chêneau invented in 1978.

The complex classification system employs genuine 3-dimensional mechanisms to control and correct the curvature of the spine – few other braces can boast such accuracy and efficacy.

Orthopaedia is the only neja Scolio RSC Brace Excellence Centre in Singapore.

The Orthopaedia Difference


With combined clinical experience of over 40 years in pediatric orthotic care, we are the most experienced team of Pediatric Orthotists in Singapore.

clinical protocol

Scoliosis is a complex condition and the bracing journey is challenging. Our simple yet strict clinical protocol has proven to give our children positive results in the past decade.

TREATMENT approach

Multidisciplinary treatment is what you need! We work closely with relevant allied health practitioners to get the best results for your child.

scientific tools

We believe in and abide to the international SRS clinical guidelines.

What To Expect

From getting your pre-treatment records, daily cleaning or hygiene to handling common issues, we’ll go through each step with you, so that you’ll have a clear idea of how to ease through the treatment process with minimal fuss.

If Braces Are Needed

Some cases can be treated with or without braces, but with varied end results. Clinical protocol accuracy is crucial in achieving ideal outcomes. We’ll let you know the expected results based on the treatment option, so you have an idea of your treatment outcome.

Estimated Treatment Duration

Duration of treatment is determined by the complexity of each individual. If you have a specific medical condition, we’ll explore all possible treatment plans to determine the most suitable for you.

Let us help you today.