Spinal Deformity Assessment

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Do you think that you or your child might have scoliosis or a spinal deformity but you aren’t quite sure? Or, do you know that you have a spinal deformity but you’ve yet to find the best relief options for you?

Our custom scoliosis & spinal deformity assessment will help you answer these questions, compare your symptoms to the criteria for scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, flatback syndrome or even more specific conditions, like neuromuscular or degenerative scoliosis.

Then, we’ll review your treatment history to get a sense of what you’ve tried, what worked and what didn’t.

With this information gathered, we’ll be able to access the bigger picture – Getting you on the road to scoliosis & spinal deformity relief! With an industry leading scoliosis and spinal deformity team at the Orthopaedia, receiving spinal deformity relief is a breeze.

 We look forward to helping you out in any way that we can.💗

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