Joint Pain & Osteoarthritis

We know that

Coping with osteoarthritis can be expensive. Between doctor?s visits, medications, physical therapy and other treatments, you can end up paying a lot to feel comfortable.

Staying active with knee arthritis can be tricky, especially for people experiencing pain. Running is a great cardiovascular workout, but it?s also high-impact and can aggravate chronic knee conditions.

We Recommend

Sakima’s CarBonee Knee Brace provides medial and lateral stability, so your knee won’t hyperextend back and forth or side to side as you move.

This low-profile, light-weight brace fits easily under clothing, so you can stabilise your knees without changing your look.

The breathable fabric helps your knee stay cool, while the mild compression keeps inflammation in check. The brace conforms to the entire structure of your knee, reducing pain from top to bottom.

we believe

Wearing a knee brace at night may help you wake up in the morning with less pain and discomfort. This brace allows freedom of movement while protecting your joint from awkward sleeping positions. All our custom braces are specially designed and rigidly built to meet your needs and fit your measurements.

Our orthotist will check the fit of your custom brace when it is ready and guide you on fitting instructions as well as impart some maintenance tips to maximize your comfort.


We also recommend complementary drug-free and non-surgical treatments:

  • Walking Aids
  • Physiotherapy
  • Weight management
  • Massage to relieve other joints carrying a disproportionate load to compensate for the weak joint
  • Regular low-impact exercise (cycling, swimming and strength training to maintain range of motion)

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