OA – What To Expect

Your First Consult

You’ll adjust to wearing a knee brace faster if you start with a good fit, which is the goal of working with us.

During the fitting, our orthotist might:
  • Examine your knee
  • Discuss the pros and cons of our custom braces range
  • Explain how knee brace designs differ from each other
  • Ask you to walk a few paces to show how your knee functions
  • Ask what activities you hope to increase by wearing a knee brace
  • Take several measurements of your leg to determine your custom fit
  • Ask about your history of knee arthritis and the symptoms that trouble you most
  • Have you try various knee braces to determine what style feels best and is easiest for you to use

Why Sakima?

Originated in Japan, this knee orthosis has the essence of Japanese perfections and accurate mechanical influence in body segments through orthoses. It is the latest, lightest and the simplest knee orthosis in the market currently.

Key Feature

The Sakima brace’s Center Bridge Bar controls the rigidity and movements of the knee joint while adding more flexibility at the thigh and shin. Also, it has carbonee (carbon enhanced plastics) uprights to allow best support – adding minimal weight to the brace.

The Sakima Difference

The key difference about the Sakima brace is; it has a polycentric knee axis which is the same type as the real knee joint axis. This feature allows the brace to move along with the real knee joint and allow many complex movements to be intact even with the brace. Therefore, this brace will not restrict any of your daily activities even as you wear it daily.

A main drawback of older knee orthoses was the restriction of blood flow to joints; caused by the tightness of the thigh band above the knee. This tension in the brace is called suspension; required to prevent slipping down of the brace. Sakima brace’s effective use of the leg’s surface anatomy aids suspension without affecting blood circulation.

How to choose the right brace for you?
  • Lightest OA knee brace in the world (180g)
  • Brace is more flexible
  • Mild knee pain
  • Mild O knee
  • Brace is more supportive at lower leg
  • Some limitation to activities
  • Mild to Moderate O Knee
  • Moderate Knee Pain
  • Brace is more supportive for entire leg
  • Moderate to Severe Knee pain
  • Moderate to Severe O Knee
  • Limitation to most activities

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