Knock Knees

What is it?

It happens when the knees angle in and touch each another when the legs are stretched and straightened.

An individual with knock-knees tends not to have his/her ankles and feet touch one another.

It is medically known as Genu Valgum.

What causes it?

Knock knees are a part of normal growth and development. During early childhood growth, knock knees help in maintaining balance and usually self-corrects by ages 7-8.

If the condition doesn’t appear until a child is 6 or older, it could be a sign of an underlying bone disease.

Obesity may contribute to knock knees, or cause a gait pattern that resembles it.

what determines treatment?
  • Severity of the condition
  • Personal / caregiver’s decision of treatment options
  • Age, overall health and personal / family medical history
  • Individual’s tolerance for required procedures / therapies
  • Adults with knock knees who were not treated when young can be prescribed with customised orthoses to prevent deterioration.
what do we do?

Custom in-toe gait bio-mechanical insoles are designed to restrict knock knees from rotational deformities of the foot (metatarsus adductus).

It alters the break of the ball of foot during propulsion to aid realignment of the hip.

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