Flat Feet

What is it?

A condition of the foot structure commonly linked with pronation, which is a leaning inward of ankle bones.

is it normal?

Prior to walking, the longitudinal arch is not yet developed in infants and toddlers, so flat feet are normal.

Most feet are flexible and an arch appears when children begin standing on their toes.

The arch continues to develop throughout childhood and by adulthood most people will have developed normal arches.

Many people with flat feet do not experience pain or other problems.

what causes it?

Painful progressive flat feet, also known as adult flat feet, refers to inflammation of the tendon of the tibialis posterior.

Some people are predisposed to tibialis posterior tendonitis if they have flat feet.

For others, an abnormal attachment of the tendon to the bones in mid-foot causes the area to be inflamed, stretched, or torn.

Left untreated, it may lead to severe disability and chronic pain.

when to seek help?

Feet should be assessed when pain occurs in the ankle, foot or lower leg, especially for children when issues can be fixed timely.

Shoes of children who pronate, when placed side by side, will lean toward each other (after they have been worn long enough for the foot position to remodel their shape).

Why Orthopaedia?

We see people with flat feet at our clinic every month. Don’t put off any possible concerns – we have solutions to rapidly improve your family’s health and lifestyle.

Bracing, icing, orthotics, physical therapy, supportive taping, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications are common treatments for painful progressive flatfoot.

Our team will help diagnose, present and discuss with you the most cost effective option(s) for your individual condition/situation.

We often use two types of orthotic insoles to treat foot pain:

  • Fully customised foot orthoses
  • Prefabricated (off the shelf) devices

Our custom-made foot orthoses are prescribed and manufactured from a digital 3D foot scan taken of your feet.

Orders are sent to our premium orthotic manufacturing labs based in Australia or Hong Kong.

Let us help you today.

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