Flat Head Test

Try this simple test.

Look down at your baby’s head from above and compare what you see in the pictures below.

Tip: Do the test after a bath when your baby’s hair is wet.

Still unsure?

The condition may not be noticeable or present at birth, only developing in the first few months of life. A flat spot may appear on either side or the back of the head as your baby grows.

If you notice that your baby’s head is misshapen or you are worried about a flat spot, visit us for an in-depth head shape assessment.

The program offers:

  • Advice on repositioning, tummy time and any stretches required for neck tightness
  • Strictly by appointment only (please do not walk in without an appointment)
  • Advice on cranial remolding therapy (if required)
  • Assessment of the condition’s severity
  • Measurement of baby’s head shape
  • Assessment of neck involvement
  • (No doctor’s referral is required)

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