Scoliosis Treatment

What To Expect

From getting your pre-treatment records, daily cleaning or hygiene, to handling common issues, we’ll go through each step with you, so that you’ll have a clear idea of how to ease through the treatment process with minimal fuss.

If Braces Are Needed

Some cases can be treated with or without braces, but with varied end results. Clinical protocol accuracy is crucial in achieving ideal outcomes. We’ll let you know the expected results based on the treatment option, so you have an idea of how your condition will turn out.

Estimated Treatment Duration

Duration of treatment is determined by the complexity of each individual. In some cases, if you have a specific medical condition, we’ll explore all possible treatment plans to determine the most suitable for you.

Wide Range Of Braces

Know the difference between the various types of braces and which suits you best. Whether it’s the traditional Rigo Chêneau braces, Providence night braces or Pectus braces, we got it covered for you.

Why Orthopaedia?

There are many types of spinal orthoses used to treat scoliosis globally. Orthopaedia chooses to only use the best clinically proven braces. Our focus is to find you the best type of braces for your situation without any bias. Having a wide range of braces helps us to prescribe the most suitable treatment plan — fulfilling your needs.

  • Our braces are all FDA-approved with strict quality control
  • Our orthotists are 100% clinically certified

Brace Benefits


If you don’t want your braces to show as much, we have several options that can match the lifestyle that you lead. Some of these options may not even cost more, especially if aesthetics are your priority, we have alternatives for you.


Rigo Chêneau braces are one of the more popular forms of braces in Singapore. Other comparable and cost-effective options that are excellent for adding colour and enthusiasm to your braces treatment are available here – they are comfortable, effective and mostly suitable for everyone, children or even adults.


Some people may prefer night-time braces as the unique design allows the wearer to undergo treatment with minimal impact during daily activities. This makes the braces treatment less interruptive and can potentially align the spine during the time when the wearer experiences a high output of human growth hormones released during sleep.

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