Our Story


Greek prefix meaning straight, upright and to correct


A play on the word pedia from wikipedia/encyclopedia which means education; paedia is also taken from the word paediatrics


Both words put together:

Orthopaedia is dedicated to the correction and optimization of the bodily structures of our patients, using well-established and studied resources to obtain the best clinical outcome. We are also committed to raise the awareness of myths of orthotics for children and general education on the need for orthoses.

Our Team


After over 30 years of combined experience providing certified orthotic and prosthetic devices to people across various medical settings, Susanna and Heidi discovered the need for a specialized pediatric orthotics center to offer parents and children the highest levels of patient-centric care, expertise and knowledge.


We aim to be Asia’s leading orthotic center by using the most advanced diagnostic technologies to accurately measure and provide objective assessments – our unique approach in pairing the best clinical practices and treatment protocols enables us to enhance people’s lives by prescribing patient-centric solutions.


As the only private practice offering head-to-toe pediatric orthotic services in Singapore, we specialize in evidence-based treatments, ensuring that everyone receives the best care from our team of experts. Not sure what you need or how much does it cost? We can explain what treatments are right for you and tell you more about our multi-disciplinary approach.

We also operate the only 100% woman-owned private clinic in Hong Kong specializing in pediatric orthotics. We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you desire.

What People Say

Arata, Helmet Therapy

息子は生後二ヶ月から右を向く癖があり、5ヶ月検診の時には一目で分かるほど右 側後頭部が潰れ、両耳の位置もずれていました。小児科の先生からヘルメット療法 が存在する事を聞き、こちらの専門家を紹介していただきました。Heidi先生と Susanna先生に会うまでは不安でしたが、先生達がとても経験豊富で頼りになり、 また、子供好きで親しみやすく気軽に相談にのってくれたので、安心して息子の治 療をお任せする決心がつきました。生後5ヶ月から治療を始め現在生後11ヶ月にな りますが、左右の後頭部の差は目立たなくなり、両耳の位置も改善しました。

Megan, Scoliosis

I have been wearing the braces prescribed by Orthopaedia for 2 months. As I’d passed the age of rapid growth, I’m thankful that my posture could even improve slightly due to braces. This allows me to avoid surgery, a great relief to my family and I. Looking forward to more significant results in a few months!

Lynn, Foot Orthotics

After consultation, I made a custom pair of insoles at Orthopaedia. I got the insoles a month ago and have been wearing them since. The pain in my heels has subsided significantly and I am confident that the pain will be gone in no time. I will definitely recommend Orthopaedia to people who have heel pain.

Our Partners


STARband® Cranial Remolding Helmets (orthoses) have been used to treat over 600,000 infants with positional Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, Scaphocephaly and Craniosynostosis since 2001.


Ortholutions is premium manufacturer of spinal orthoses for the treatment of scoliosis and other spinal disorders.


Invent Medical applies digital technologies to invent, develop and design a new generation of custom-made orthotic & prosthetic products so patients can experience better treatment outcomes.

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