What happens if you leave your curve untreated?

Spinal bracing helps to stabilise the scoliotic curve, prevent further progression and often reduces the curve magnitude.

Untreated scoliosis is progressive, even after reaching skeletal maturity, but curves maintained under 30 degrees with proper treatment aren’t progressive.

People with Thoracic curves, curve magnitude of 50-75 degrees or higher have experienced breathing difficulties, chronic back pain and cosmetic concerns related to age.

It is also very important to identify any presentation of scoliosis in the early stages of the life between one to two years of age, and especially if it reappears during adolescent years.

If untreated these curves can deteriorate very fast, up to 70 or higher degrees within a short span of time. This can be further worsened with the adolescent growth spurt.

The Ideal Treatment Protocol For Bracing
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Treatment Options For Scoliosis

  • Night / Part Time Bracing – Providence Brace
    • We prescribe this brace for those who have curves under 25-30 degrees. Manufactured entirely in the U.S.A. using CADCAM technology, this brace is recommended for use during the wearer’s sleeping hours – scientifically proven to be when growth hormones are most active.

      Further, when lying down, the gravitational forces or the body weight are not acting on the spine. This allows it to apply more effective forces to the spine – even with the higher thoracic curves, it has clinically shown to be very effective.

      The brace functions by moving the scoliotic curve towards or beyond the midline of the spine. There is overcorrection in this brace but no bending (9).
  • Full Time Bracing – ScoliBrace
    • ScoliBrace is a fully customized American brace designed to treat scoliosis curves with higher effectiveness. Using 3D body scans, x-rays and photos of individual posture to manufacture high quality FDA-approved spinal braces, ScoliBrace also uses the latest CADCAM technology to treat scoliosis – which is also considered a 3D condition.

      The standard ScoliBrace can be effective with all the curve types and has been purposefully made and built with an asymmetrical design to overcorrect the inbuild alignment for the spine. There are custom made voids inside the brace which are filled as the body repositions into the correct alignments subsequently. People with allergies to plastics can benefit from ScoliBrace, as they offers some other substitute materials. It also has other designs which are used as nighttime braces as well (10).
  • Full Time Bracing – RigoChêneau (RC) Brace
    • RigoChêneau (RC) is a fully customized brace which applies over-corrective and ante-torsional forces to the scoliotic curves in the spine. As scoliosis is a 3D condition, the RC brace also applies 3D correction to the trunk and spine. This is an asymmetrical brace uniquely constructed and designed with aggressive over-corrective and de-rotational forces, with expansions for the trunk and spine to grow into the best possible morphological alignment.

      People with higher rotational components in their curves are recommend to use the RC brace, as it is designed with a primary correction for the torsion in the scoliotic spine (11).

If you have missed the timing for the primary treatments and left with larger curves exceeding 50 degrees with mature bones, you may have to seek surgical interventions to prevent progression of the curves (7).

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