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Michael, Joseph’s Daddy
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Importance of Orthotic Education
Our custom-made orthoses help you attain wellness by immobilising and stabilising structures to aid healing. We only offer the support that your body needs most. It’s not easy to reach the full potential of orthoses without receiving ample orthotic education. Get all the information you need from our certified orthotic team – we ❤︎ to help.


Cheryl, Marc’s Mommy
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Latest Orthotic Technology
Our orthoses are made with technologically advanced materials that help ensure your comfort. The strict quality control makes the devices much more effective in treating painful or debilitating conditions fast. The pursuit of technological advancements in this field centre around our desire to make orthoses that feel natural.


Orthopaedia’s Mission
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Benefits of Custom-Made Orthotics
Restoring mobility and eliminating pain are leading factors in seeking custom-made orthoses. Our orthotics help stabilize the muscles, joints and other structures without impeding your normal everyday activities. As the issues in your body diminishes, you get to live your best life.


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We treat a wide range of acute or chronic conditions that affect the head, neck, spine, hips, knees and feet. Full upper and lower extremity orthoses are also available for the treatment of complex or extensive health issues. Our purpose-built orthoses help immobilize and stabilize the weak or painful areas as you work through a rehabilitative program.

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