SUCCESS STORY: CHARLIE (4.5 month old at first consult)

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When did you start to notice that your baby has a flat spot/flat head?

I actually noticed that my child had a head preference to one side very early on as early as 2 weeks and tried to start repositioning, I guess we noticed the flat spot from around 5-6 weeks.

Were you aware of the flat head syndrome (a.k.a Plagiocephaly)?

Yes! I actually have some experience working as an Allied Health Professional, so if I am honest I was a little bit embarrassed that I wasn’t able to correct and prevent the plagiocephaly myself.  However when I had mentioned it to health nurses and my GP back home in Australia they didn’t think it was an issue, so I continued my attempts at positioning, moved his cot around the room and slept with him to encourage him to turn his head to the other side.

Did you (and where did you) bring your baby for a proper assessment?

We moved back to Singapore when my son was 3 months and I took him to the paediatrician for his 4 month immunisations.  I mentioned that his head was my main concern and the paed agreed it needed to be acted on.  She referred me to a plastic surgeon, who wanted to do an MRI, but I had heard about Orthopaedia and wanted to hear them out first before having an MRI.  My son was 4 months at our first appointment at Orthopaedia and was fitted with his helmet just before 5 months.  We also began seeing an Osteopath to treat his underlying torticollis.

Were you able to find information on flat head syndrome easily?

I knew the basics, but found it a bit difficult to know what the current research supported in terms of interventions.  I also had an older child, and no family support, so my brain was a bit muddled to complete literature searches.

What was the first thing you attempt to do to correct your baby’s head? (for eg, re-positioning)

We did loads of tummy time early on, I moved his cot in the room to encourage him to turn to the other side.  In play I tried lots of side lying propped with rolled wraps, and many nights I would go in when he was asleep and turn his head to the other side, he would just turn it back again though.  I didn’t use props in his bed to encourage him to turn to the other side, as at the time I was concerned about SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome)*.

When you were told about the cranial remoulding helmet therapy as the treatment option for your baby, how did you feel? 

To be honest in addition to my feelings of embarrassment (and a little bit of failure) I was worried that helmet therapy was a bit of an extreme intervention! I also worried about little things and some silly things! How hot was it going to be for my child in Singapore?  How much was I going to have to keep him indoors? He had just started sleeping 12 hours straight – how am I going to go back to waking at night multiple times again?? and the silly one ‘will people still think he is cute?’

I quickly realised how children just adapt.  After a few days he largely adjusted to the heat, there are still times where I take off the helmet when we are out to let his head breathe, then just put it back on.  Yes people stare, which often is quite amusing to watch, but most people find it cute, I have even had people approach me for advice on what shop to buy it from as if it’s a fashion accessory!

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How would you describe the therapy journey?

It’s been really satisfying. The staff at Orthopaedia have always been so positive and motivating, and contactable.  They always took the time to answer any concerns I had, especially early on.  Seeing results so quickly was so rewarding.  There are days (and nights!) where he is unsettled and it’s easy to blame it on the helmet, but to be honest it’s more often something else (sore tummy, teeth).

What really helped us was having an all or nothing approach.  If he was going to have to wear a helmet I decided that I would strictly adhere to all the fitting regime, especially early on, to achieve the maximum results in the minimum time.  We saw it like you would a broken leg, the plaster needs to stay on until the leg is healed and it’s the same for the helmet.

What would be your advice for mommies of fellow flat-head babies with regards to the cranial remoulding therapy?

Someone said this to me, and it was the best thing I could have heard ‘you won’t regret it’. And we didn’t.  I was quite concerned about my son’s head shape, as my husband has lost some hair on top, so a nice head will be a big asset for him later in life. We were lucky enough to have had it fitted at a great time, as my sons head grew quickly after we started wearing the helmet. We saw real change in just one week that we definitely would not have achieved without the helmet.  Listen to the girls at Orthopaedia, they know their stuff!

Finally, do you have any other comments, feedback or words of wisdom to add?

Trust your instincts!! As a parent or primary caregiver you know your child best, and if you think that there is an issue don’t be scared to find someone that will listen to your concerns and act appropriately.

By Rebecca, A Happy Mommy


Client Testimonials

Thank you Heidi & the staff of Orthopaedia in helping to correct Lila's flat head. Every time we have to come for an appointment, it’s always so supportive & positive. Lila also enjoyed the toys & playing, singing with the aunties. Thanks again!


Thank you very much for your kind support, I'm very satisfied with the treatment and enjoyed coming to see you. I'll really miss you but happy to continue the treatment in Tokyo. Hope to see you again :)

Yoshino & Anri

Thank you very much for your help in making our little Enzo's head look even more fantastic! We are very happy with the attention & care that you have given our little one and of course, super happy with the results! Thank you very very much!

Love, Nico, Olive & Enzo

We were lucky enough to have had helmet fitted at a great time, as my son's head grew quickly after we started wearing it. We saw real change in just one week that we definitely would not have achieved without the helmet. Listen to the girls at Orthopaedia, they know their stuff!


I have been wearing the braces prescribed by Orthopaedia for 2 months. Considering the fact that I have passed the growing age, I am thankful that my posture could even improve slightly due to the braces. This allows me to avoid surgery, a great relief to my family and me. I am looking forward to more significant results in a few months’ time!


We felt very happy with the new AFO. Very nice. Thanks to Heidi & Orthopaedia being very helpful and concern with my daughter BB. Now my daughter can walk with the AFO.

I custom made a pair of insoles at Orthopaedia after consultation. I got the insoles approximately a month ago and have been wearing them since. The pain in my heels has subsided significantly and I am confident that the pain will be gone in no time. I will definitely recommend Orthopaedia to people who have heel pain.


I was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. I have had many surgeries in hope that they would correct my gait and my parents and I were so happy when we were referred to Orthopaedia! It has been amazing to be served so kindly and gently by both Susanna and Heidi and been transformational for me to be able to walk well wherever I go. Susanna fitted me with a Cascade brace and recommended some Keeping Pace shoes too. My mom has noted that I have a lot more energy at the end of the day and many less bruises on my knees and my head! Thanks so much for taking good care of me.


Orthopaedia is a unique practice, providing a superb mix of skilled staff, who are uncommonly caring, motivational and fun to work with. Susanna & Heidi, the senior therapists are greatly talented at their work and will inspire you to do things above and beyond your expectations. I worked primarily with Susanna Koh, who is amazing and embodies all the qualities above-and also contributes heavily to the fun, caring and kind nature of everyone there. Susanna herself is nothing short of AWESOME! She is an expert in her field, and combines that with a unique ability to motivate, help, care about, and provide the best resources to her clients. She has a wonderfully magnetic personality and anyone would be blessed to work with her. I have worked with more than 10 therapists in the last 2 years, and feel confident in recommending Susanna as a clinician who's outstanding among her peers. Good luck with her demanding sessions!


My son had a perfect round head at birth, but at 2 months old, I noticed he had a preference to look at right side. By 5 months old, he had such a severe flathead on his right side of the head that I had to do something before it was too late. I was not sure if I wanted to proceed with the helmet treatment until I met Heidi and Susanna. They were very professional and helpful in answering all my concerns, and passionate about babies' heads! I am confident to say that my 11 months old son's head would not have improved so much without their help.

Mommy of 11mo

息子は生後二ヶ月から右を向く癖があり、5ヶ月検診の時には一目で分かるほど右 側後頭部が潰れ、両耳の位置もずれていました。小児科の先生からヘルメット療法 が存在する事を聞き、こちらの専門家を紹介していただきました。Heidi先生と Susanna先生に会うまでは不安でしたが、先生達がとても経験豊富で頼りになり、 また、子供好きで親しみやすく気軽に相談にのってくれたので、安心して息子の治 療をお任せする決心がつきました。生後5ヶ月から治療を始め現在生後11ヶ月にな りますが、左右の後頭部の差は目立たなくなり、両耳の位置も改善しました。

Mom of 11mo

谢谢你们帮我把脚行器分开,谢谢你们帮我把脚脱里面放了海棉,不让我的脚感觉疼; 谢谢你们关心我。祝你们工作顺利。


Thank you for helping me to fix my brace & take care of my back. You guys are the best!

Love, Eleanor

谢谢! Thank you for treating my flat feet

cheers, Priscilla

Thank you for treating me Susanna!

love, Eshana

Thank you Susanna for helping me to walk much better!


Tristan says Thank You!


Dear Heidi, Faith, Susanna & Ros, thank you for helping me with my scoliosis and bracing!

Love, Reeti

とても, まんぞく, しています。 やさしく, ていねいに, ちりょう していただき, かんしゃ、しています。 Thank you very much


Susanna & Heidi, Terima kasih sudah membantu Marcia... kepala Marcia Sudah bulat & Marcia tampal manis


Thank you Heidi

love, Sheldon of Brunei